GSL Half Term Lockdown Challenge

Recently it can feel like we are very cut off from the rest of the world. Lockdown has prevented us from seeing each other. That is why we are introducing the whole group lockdown challenge. This will show just how close your friends are in scouting. You recently saw the leadership team display their dancing moves. Now its over to you….

The GSL Half Term Challenge Video will be made up of a number of little clips from you all. So grab your scarf (or a paper aeroplane for those yet to be invested) and a device which can record video’s. 

Stand in the shot and get someone to film you. Then have your scarf thrown in from the right hand side of the screen (left hand side as looking head on to the person), do something- maybe sing, dance, juggle, show us something you have made, show us something you have been doing during lockdown… get inventive. Then throw the scarf of to your left (right hand side as looking head on to the person)

Some examples are below-

Once done send your videos into me at either-


Google Drive:

I will then edit them together and create and whole group video

Happy Filming



Group Scout Leader

12th St John’s Scout Group

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