12th St Johns Scout Group Online Shop

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It is my great pleasure to present the new 12th St Johns Scout Group Online Shop.

This clothing was the idea of the Group’s Exec team, who came up with the ideas and then some very talented parents turned them into designs. As a result, these are custom made designs by the Group and just for our Group.

This clothing is available for the young people and adults connected to the group. For every £1 spent, the Group receives 5p as part of its fundraising.

For more information, how to buy it, when to wear it and many much more. please visit our website- https://stjohnsscoutstw.org/onlineshop/

Group Scout Leader
12th St Johns Scout Group

Ink Cartridges- Fundraising


Did you know that over 65 million cartridges are sold in the UK every year and only 15% are recycled. So 12th St John’s Scout Group have teamed up with www.therecyclingfactory.com.

From now, start saving your used printer ink cartridges and give them to your leaders. We shall then send them off to be recycled and will get a small donation back for every cartridge we send in.

So we get money towards the group for recycling old ink cartridges!

Sounds like one of the scout laws to me-
A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.

Get collecting and we shall be accepting the cartridges from September.


OSM Payment

osmforfbOver the last couple of months, it has become apparent that when using the “Pay Now” option on your OSM dashboard to pay for Subs and Camps, it has taken you to set up a Direct Debit. Jamie (Scout Leader) has done some digging in to this, and asked some questions, the reason is as follows-

Recently, GoCardless (who manage the transactions) has made a change that meant that one off payments aren’t an option any more, but that’s essentially what has caused all of this. To get around this OSM has implemented a slight change to the Online Payments system. When you pay for Subs and Camps, this is how the 2 options work:

  1. Set up a Direct Debit (recommended for Subs only). This will continue to work like normal where the money will be taken automatically when a new Subs payment is published by us (it’ll be taken on the due date). Once you leave the group, you will be removed from the schedule and the Direct Debit will no longer take money from your account (like a standard Direct Debit)
  2. Use the “Pay Now” option. This will take you to a screen to set up a Direct Debit, enter you details etc. However; this will not work like a normal Direct Debit. They payment will only be taken when you log in to OSM and click the “Pay Now” option. After the first time of doing this you won’t need to input your bank details again, and it will appear as a Direct Debit on your account, but it won’t act like a normal Direct Debit

OSM have assured us that this is a work around that they have put in place, and it works as it should.

Well Done Jamie

IMG_0967A massive congratulations to our own Jamie Warwick of Scouts who received his Wood Badge as the recent Beaver/Cub camp. This has been awarded following a lot of hard work and dedication, this is very well deserved.

But what is a wood badge? 

The Wood Badge is a Scouting programme and award for adults in the Scout associations around the world. The Wood Badge course is designed so that adult Scouters can learn; in as practical a way possible, the skills and methods of Scouting.On completion, participants are awarded the beads to recognise their significant achievement in leadership and direct service to young people, and to welcome them to membership of the 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group.

Although the programme has changed over the years, the essence of the original Wood Badge still remains. Adults use their new and existing knowledge and skills to complete training, which is designed to strengthen the individual and the quality of Scouting they can provide to young people.

Wintercamp 2018


From Friday 12th January 2018- Sunday 14th January 2018, St John’s Scouts and leaders joined Tunbridge Wells District and headed to Gilwell for the Annual Winter camp. We where on site with around 2,800 young people and 800 adults.

It was an amazing weekend full of activities including 4×4 off roads, climbing, disco’s, mini tank driving, 3G swings and a lot more (see the video below for a summary).

One of our scouts wrote a review of her time at Wintercamp-

This was my first ever winter camp and first time at the Gilwell campsite. Gilwell was an amazing space allowing us to partake in many activities such as tank driving, riding in 4 by 4s and going on the funfair rides. I really enjoyed the off-road Segway riding as I had never been on a Segway before and it’s such a cool but weird feeling. We camped as the Tunbridge Wells district which meant I shared a tent with people I hadn’t met but that was absolutely fine because I got to meet new people and spend my camp with them. The first activity I did was ‘turbo’ which was a ride that used g force to make you spin around parallel to the floor! It was a strange sensation but we all loved it and then did it again. I would definitely go to winter camp again.


Group Scout Leader Challenge- Christmas 2017



This Christmas LEGO is inviting families to join them in their national #BuildToGive campaign, where you can channel your creativity and let your imagination run wild in order to build your very own LEGO Christmas decoration!

From beautiful baubles to quirky windowsill decorations, for every dazzling design built or shared, LEGO will gift a LEGO set to a local children’s hospital, to help spread joy and merriment in the lead up to Christmas!

LEGO have pledged to donate up to 20,000 LEGO gifts nationwide, working in partnership with children’s charity Fairy Bricks.

The Lego Challenge

All you need is some LEGO bricks at home and lots of imagination! Get building at home and share a photo of your fabulous festive decoration with the hashtag #BuildToGive. 

For every photo uploaded lego also match it with a LEGO set donation up to 20,00!For more info see- https://www.facebook.com/notes/lego/buildtogive/10155228677533403/

The GSL Challenge

Upload your photo to your units facebook page using the hashtag #buildtogive by 17th December (if you don’t have social media- send it to me and I will upload it). I will then judge and pick a winner for the best designed Lego Christmas decoration- each unit’s winner will win a chocolate father Christmas. Good Luck