St John’s Scout Group has a bespoke ‘blues’ range of clothing just for our scout group.

For every £1 spent, the Group receives 5p as part of our fundraising.

St John’s blues were designed so that we stand out as a group at scouting camps and events and as a practical and cost-effective alternative for outdoor activities.

Blues and Uniform

All young people should have the following official Scouts uniform:

Beavers – turquoise jumper

Cubs – green jumper

Scouts – scout shirt

The blue St John’s t-shirt or polo shirt is part of the Beaver & Cub uniform and should be worn under their uniform jumpers on a regular evening session. There’s no need to buy an official Beavers or Cubs T-shirt as well.  We hope this saves you money as it can be worn all the way through the age groups and just replaced as and when needed, rather than each time you move up.

Particularly for Scouts, whose uniform does not include a jumper, blues hoodies are a great option so that uniform can be kept smart for inside sessions and special occasions.

For Adults

Adults who are involved with the Group are welcome to purchase the t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies or fleeces and wear them when assisting the group on evenings, events and camps.


Who are Total Clothing Shop?

They are a private company who hold our designs. They deal directly with you as the customer, process and ship the orders to you.

Does the Group get anything out of this?

Yes, for every £1 spent the Group receives 5p back automatically from the company.

Choosing a size and ordering

The Group holds some kids t-shirts to try for size. Contact the GSLs if you would like to try them. The kids sizes (XS 16in, S 17in, M 18in, L 19in, XL 20in) are item measurements underarm to underarm, so measure up against an existing top that fits them. XS is roughly equivalent to a 32″ school polo shirt.

Occasionally people club together to place a bulk order and save on postage – pop a message on your section Facebook pages if you are interested in this.

I have an issue with the order, who do I contact?

Please contact Total Clothing direct: