OSM Payment

osmforfbOver the last couple of months, it has become apparent that when using the “Pay Now” option on your OSM dashboard to pay for Subs and Camps, it has taken you to set up a Direct Debit. Jamie (Scout Leader) has done some digging in to this, and asked some questions, the reason is as follows-

Recently, GoCardless (who manage the transactions) has made a change that meant that one off payments aren’t an option any more, but that’s essentially what has caused all of this. To get around this OSM has implemented a slight change to the Online Payments system. When you pay for Subs and Camps, this is how the 2 options work:

  1. Set up a Direct Debit (recommended for Subs only). This will continue to work like normal where the money will be taken automatically when a new Subs payment is published by us (it’ll be taken on the due date). Once you leave the group, you will be removed from the schedule and the Direct Debit will no longer take money from your account (like a standard Direct Debit)
  2. Use the “Pay Now” option. This will take you to a screen to set up a Direct Debit, enter you details etc. However; this will not work like a normal Direct Debit. They payment will only be taken when you log in to OSM and click the “Pay Now” option. After the first time of doing this you won’t need to input your bank details again, and it will appear as a Direct Debit on your account, but it won’t act like a normal Direct Debit

OSM have assured us that this is a work around that they have put in place, and it works as it should.

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