12th St John’s Scout Group Online Shop

Online Shop- (www.totalclothingshop.co.uk/stjohnsscouts/)

12th St John’s Scout Group has a wide range of clothing available at its new online store. This clothing was the idea of the Group’s Exec team, who came up with the ideas and then some very talented parents turned them into designs. As a result, these are custom made designs by the Group and just for our Group.

This clothing is available for the young people and adults connected to the group. For every £1 spent, the Group receives 5p as part of its fundraising.

Below are a number of questions which you might have in relation to this clothing and the store:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of this clothing and when should it be worn?

Young People-

In the kids’ section of the shop there are t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies. The t-shirts and polo shirts will slowly start to replace the beaver/cub t-shirts. The young people should still have their uniform which is-

Beaver- blue jumper

Cub- green jumper

Scouts- scout shirt

The t-shirts and hoodies can be worn at big events (e.g St Georges Day/AGM Fun evening), camps, evenings out and even under the uniform on a regular Thursday evening. This way it makes the uniform a bit more special.


Adults who are involved with the Group are welcome to purchase the t-shirts, polo shirts and fleeces and wear them especially  when assisting the group on evenings, events and camps etc…


I already have a Beaver/Cub T-shirt. Do I have to buy a new Group one?

No you don’t, we will start recommending to new joiners that they purchase the Group t-shirt instead of Beaver/Cub ones. You’re very welcome to buy one at any time, especially when the young people have a growth spurt and they’re in need of a new one!


Who are Total Clothing Shop?

They are a private company who hold our designs. They deal directly with you as the customer, process and ship the orders to you.


Does the Group get anything out of this?

Yes, for every £1 spent the Group receives 5p back automatically from the company.


I don’t know what size to order, what do I do?

The Group holds XS, S, M, L kids t-shirts. Let us know if you would like your young person to try these on to get the correct size.


I have an issue with the order, who do I contact?

Total Clothing oversee all orders. Please contact them via- https://www.totalclothingshop.co.uk/stjohnsscouts/contacts/