Scout Camp- March 2017


Between Friday 17th March – Sunday 19th March 2017 10 Scouts and 4 leaders from St John’s Scouts went camping at Adamswell campsite. For the Scouts that went it was the first time they had been camping in a unit and was an amazing camp. The Scouts took part in so many activities including Kubb, archery, fire building and the Adamswell assault course to name a few. They put up all the tents, cooked, cleaned and packed the equipment away. Jamie Warwick (Scout Leader) was also successfully granted his nights away permit. Many thanks to Jamie, Seb and Elvis for running a brilliant camp.

To see a full summary of the weekend please go to the group Facebook page where you will find the photos and videos.

Cub Pack 2- Launches!

On Thursday 12th January 2017 we had the great pleasure of launching our second Cub Pack. Izzie and Ian took the helm of the new Pack and, thanks to a strong team in the other Cub Pack, the two Beaver units and the Scout unit, the launch has been a huge success. On the night we had the privilege of welcoming Simon Resnberg (Kent County Scout’s for growth and development) to the meeting & it was great to see him get stuck in. Also thank you to the parents who came down to the meeting to help out. Even though the snow tried to prevent people from getting there, it was well attended and night comprised a renewal of promises, human Guess Who and getting to know you sessions.

The Group- Census

Every year each Scout Group has to submit figures to Scouting HQ on how many young people they currently have on books.

To give you an idea the group has grown by 64% and we have seen the following growth in the past year with the units-

Beavers grown by 70% (with a second unit open this year)

Cubs grown by 69% (with a second unit open this year)

Scouts grown by 36%

We currently have over 80 young people on waiting lists to join us now or waiting to join when they are old enough